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Rapid Growth & Focus

 We all want rapid growth and change. Sometimes we look for the “easy way” out in forms of “too good to be true” trends and products. This is not the kind of growth or change that is sustainable as it tends to only help in the short-term. The change and growth that is sustainable comes from growth’s best friends small steps, focus, and follow-through.

Change occurs most quickly when a large goal is broken down into smaller, attainable steps. Why is this? It is because you can actually begin to see the progress and check off accomplishments, which keeps you motivated. 😁

Focus is the ability to direct your attention and bring your intentions to life. During the process of growth and change, it is important to not only focus on the small steps that it takes to accomplish your goal, but also to focus on self-care. Focusing on self-care and things that bring you joy will speed up the growth process because you will have continuous fuel for your goal and not burn out!

Follow-through means to carry out and complete your small steps that lead to a larger goal. We cannot grow and change our lives if we do not take the actions needed to do so. When it comes to follow-through, you will be most successful and see the fastest change if you take action on small steps daily. Consistency is key!

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Shamanic Healing and Journeying

Are you drawn to a more ancient, warm type of healing? Shamanism dates back tens of thousands of years. Anthropologists view Shamanic healing as humankind’s first spiritual practice. Journeying is used to cross into non-ordinary reality to gain wisdom, support, and healing for you. This could include answers to questions that you have, power animal retrieval, extraction of things that do not belong and are draining your energy field, soul retrieval, and more.