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Vessel of Divine Wellness offers Counseling and Healing for authenticity seekers and light workers who are ready to step into and fully embrace their personal power. Together, we will remove barriers to success, foster empowerment, embrace radical self-acceptance, and facilitate being fully and safely embodied with an individualized step-by-step plan.

We believe that we are all here by divine appointment. We ALL have a light to shine and a special gift to share with the world. This is only possible when we accept and fully embrace our true selves. NOW is the time for you to accept and share your light with the world. Let us make the world a better place!

Do you often feel “different” and “misunderstood?” You have gifts to share with this world. You are ready to relinquish the chains of the past and who you have been told that you are/should be (because that is NOT your true self). You are ready to move forward on this journey, and you could use a companion to help you navigate your path. If these things resonate with you, then you have come to the right place.

Are you...

If you have a longing to connect with your spiritual team
and want to learn how to shine no matter the circumstances,
I’d love to work with you.

If you have a longing to connect with your spiritual team and want to learn how to shine no matter the circumstances,
I’d love to work with you.

Jamie Lee Murphy, M.Ed., SC-C

I am Jamie Lee Murphy, founder/owner of Vessel of Divine Wellness. I started Vessel of Divine Wellness because everyone deserves the opportunity to live an authentic life and shine their light into this world while feeling safe and empowered. At Vessel of Divine Wellness, we believe that change and freedom from the past is possible with a little courage, an open mind, a smile, and a compassionate guide to help you along the way.

I am a counselor and a healer. I am a guide for those who are on their path and need a hand to hold.  I love to see people overcome the chains of their past and break free from thoughts and patterns that do not represent their true selves.  I am passionate about helping others see their inherent worth and live an authentic life. I believe that change is possible for those who really want it. I dream to bring life/world change, and bring a greater light into this world.

I have a special place in my heart for clients who:

How can I help you?

Most of the offerings work together, so do not feel pressured to choose one.
What your soul needs will be revealed during the sessions.
If you are drawn to a particular offering,
please put it in the comment section when you schedule your session.

Explore which divine wellness services are right for you
to start your life-changing journey.

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