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What Does Surrender Look Like?

We are entering September and fall is upon us. When we think of fall, we tend to think of the beautiful turning of the leaves, nights by the fire, and a slight chill on the wind. Also, fall is the time of release. The leaves do a wonderful job of displaying release. In order to release anything that is no longer serving us on our life path, we must surrender. Oh no, surrender! Most of us don’t like that word. Okay, I get it. Let’s look a little more at what surrendering looks like.

Are you ready to surrender?

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Reframing Surrender

Most people think of surrender as a form of “giving up” or “giving in,” but what if surrender is so much more than that? First, take into consideration to who or what you are surrendering. When we talk about positive release, it is typically surrendering to our higher self and our life path. That is a lot different than surrendering to something that is not serving you or giving up control to someone who does not have your best interests at heart. Also, it is not so much of a “giving up” as it is an opening up. This means not clinging on so tightly to patterns of behavior and ways of being that it crushes your soul in the meantime.

­The Opening

­Ah, the place where the light gets in. When we allow ourselves to open, we are admitting that there are ways we are living and interacting that are out of habit, and not from a soul-centered or heart-centered consciousness. We ALL have them! This is how we have adapted to “protect” ourselves from harm. Part of the beauty of this life is the opportunity to continually grow and adjust our life as we grow. Each time we open and release, we come closer to our true self.


As we come closer to the authentic self, we begin to notice signs from God, Universe, Source, Spirit. We become surrounded by all forms of abundance, and our life path seems to illuminate before our eyes. We are able to reflect more deeply, navigate, and appreciate the intricacy and challenges of our relationships, life, and self. From this perspective, surrender is opportunity for connection, prosperity, and greatness.

Are you ready to begin the process of surrender in order to access a more abundant and authentic life? Now is the time to be brave, dig deep, and believe in yourself. I welcome you to visit the website for extra support and to schedule a session. Please pass this newsletter along to anyone you believe would benefit.

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