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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like…Clarity

It is officially the Holiday season. We are spending more time with family and friends. The weather is continuing to grow colder, and Winter is coming. Those who celebrate Christmas know the classic song, “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas.” Well this is a spin on that…Clarity.
Continue reading to make the most out of your December:

The Clearing

As all of the leaves fall off of the trees, we begin to get see how bare the tree is. There are no longer colorful leaves covering or distracting us from the true beauty of the trunk and branches. This is a metaphor for our lives. Winter provides a space for us to zoom out from all of the distractions and zoom in on the core of ourselves and our lives. ­

The Reflection

As all of the distraction falls away, we get the opportunity to reflect on who we are, and what best serves our life purpose. One way to engage in this reflection is to create a list of central themes in your life, material items you utilize the most, and the ways that you spend your time. Next, reflect on which of these bring you joy or correspond with your authentic self/life purpose. These are the ones to keep as you let the others fall away like the leaves.

The Clarity

Through genuine reflection and re-evaluation, you will begin to gain clarity in who you really are, how you have changed this year, and what you need to release and embrace to move forward for this next cycle of life. It is the gift of clearing the way and seeing things for what they really are. It is the gift of seeing yourself for who you really are.
When we experience clarity, we find that something deeper may arise. It may be an awareness of a gift you have to share with the world or it may be a challenge that you have yet to face within yourself. If you are ready to dig deeper and explore your gifts or work through your challenges, I am here for support. I welcome you to visit the website to schedule a session. Please pass this newsletter along to anyone you believe would benefit.

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