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Spring Clean Your Life!

It is officially March, and the beginning of Spring will be here before we know it. We enter Spring having learned a lot about ourselves in Winter; when our trees were bare the clarity was allowed to shine though. This clarity showed us what is working in our lives and what no longer fits into our lives as we evolve.

Now, we are in the transition where Winter is becoming Spring. A perfect parallel as we prepare to bloom in the next Spring of our lives. How exactly do we “prepare” to bloom?

Here are a few ideas to do just that:

Clean Out Your Closet

Have a fashion show for yourself or with a friend. Decide what looks you want to bring into Spring and which ones need to go.

Re-evaluate Your Hobbies­

Our lives tend to be filled with things to do. Re-evaluating the ways that you spend your time is a great way to prepare for Spring. As you make your list of hobbies and other daily things that you devote your time, see which ones still feel like a priority. The ones that don’t, kick them to the curb. Brainstorm on any new activities that inspire you to bloom and add them to the list 😊

Reorganize Your Living Space

Living spaces reflect your current state of mind and where you are in life. This transition into Spring is the perfect time to reorganize your living space. Take it room by room so it doesn’t get overwhelming. Take a look around the room. Is there anything that doesn’t bring you joy? Are there things that you have had just because? Is the room cluttered? Would it feel good to re-arrange the furniture for a fresh perspective? Consider these questions and get the party started. ­

Donate to Charity

­After you have cleaned out your closet and house, donate items to charity. This will help others as well as make space for the new you. Giving and donating are abundance messengers to the Universe that you are moving old energy out and calling in what will serve you better. Yay, Abundance!

Body Care

­We gather inspiration from snakes shedding their skin and trees releasing their leaves to make room for the new. It’s time to slough off our old layers and let our light shine into the world. Some ways to do this include getting a haircut, using a sugar scrub on your body, exfoliating your face, getting a manicure and pedicure, and doing a detox.

Emotional Realignment

­Emotional realignment can come in many forms. Some ideas include:

  • Writing the emotional baggage that is holding you back and releasing it in a burning ceremony
  • Receiving a healing or Reiki session
  • Releasing old emotions through an Emotion Code session to remove blocks to healing and restore energy
  • Releasing emotions to the Earth as transmuted energy that we give to the Earth to use as healing
  • Considering multiple perspectives to re-write your life narrative
  • Scheduling a counseling session to process and understand your emotional messages.
As you follow-through with releasing and cleansing each category listed above, you will begin to notice differences and changes in your life. Please pass this newsletter along to anyone you believe would benefit. Visit the website below for extra support or to schedule a session.

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