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Vessel of Divine Wellness

Jamie Lee Meyer, M.Ed., SC-C, CECP

Jamie Lee Meyer,

Vessel of Divine Wellness offers Counseling and Healing for authenticity seekers and lightworkers who are ready to step into and fully embrace their personal power. Together, we will remove barriers to success, foster empowerment, embrace radical self-acceptance, and facilitate being fully and safely embodied with an individualized step-by-step plan.

We believe that we are all here by divine appointment. We ALL have a light to shine and a special gift to share with the world. This is only possible when we accept and fully embrace our true self. NOW is the time for you to accept and share your light with the world. Let us make the world a better place!

I have always had a deep desire to help others and do what I could to improve lives. As a little girl and an empath, I could pick up on things that were going on with people even when they seemed “fine”. I would do nice/thoughtful things to comfort them including holding sacred space and unconditional love. Of my own volition, I made regular trips across the street from my grandparent’s house to the church to make sack lunches for the homeless.

As an adult, I have had a combination of practical business experiences and human-based experiences. As a Director of Training, Bar Manager, and Office Manager, I developed skills of organization, program creation and implementation, leadership development, team building, and the ability to create a positive business culture. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology/Criminology and became a parent educator.

As a parent educator, I taught parents the skills to keep their families intact and trending in a positive direction. As parents started to confide in me about their traumas, I knew it was time to go back to school for Professional Counseling. I finished my Master of Education in Professional Counseling (Clinical Mental Health Counseling) and became a LAPC (Licensed Associate Professional Counselor). After years of working with clients who had experienced trauma, grief, loss, and abuse, I realized that Professional Counseling was beneficial for healing the mental and emotional aspects of a person but did not heal the spiritual or physical aspects.

Jamie Murphy

The common theme that I uncovered during my professional experiences
was that people were the happiest and flourished
when they were living from integrity.

The combination of wholeness and authenticity led to creating a holistic healing practice that focuses on living your truth, mental processing and emotional healing, soul retrieval,releasing body memory, grounding and safety, and energetic healing.

Welcome to Vessel of Divine Wellness!


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Shamanic Healing and Journeying

Are you drawn to a more ancient, warm type of healing? Shamanism dates back tens of thousands of years. Anthropologists view Shamanic healing as humankind’s first spiritual practice. Journeying is used to cross into non-ordinary reality to gain wisdom, support, and healing for you. This could include answers to questions that you have, power animal retrieval, extraction of things that do not belong and are draining your energy field, soul retrieval, and more.