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Is That Magic I Feel?

It is hard to believe that it is already October. There is a chill in the air and a shift in the wind. We are beginning to experience the cycle of the weather from chilly early in the morning to warm in the middle of the day and back to chilly at night. It is amazing to experience ebb and flow of weather within 24 hours. We start to prepare for the day by dressing in layers or carry a jacket or sweater with us when we leave the house. What are the messages the we are gifted by October? Perhaps, it is the gift of magic

Are you ready to feel the magic? 

Continue reading to make the most out of your October: 

Feeling Alive

The ebb and flow in the weather can spark the feeling of aliveness. We notice the extremes of the weather at dawn, mid-day, and dusk. Also, the chill on the wind can invigorate our being, helping us to feel alive in the present moment. We seem to enjoy and soak up the sunshine during the middle of the day as a reprieve from the cold feeding our Vitamin D. October enhances gratitude for things we may take for granted during our busy schedule. How can you embrace more of these moments?

Believing In Magic

When we were younger, it seemed a lot easier to believe in magic. As life progresses and hardships are experienced, pieces of that belief can get chipped away. October brings back the possibilities and connection to magic. The Halloween season does have some scary aspects, and there are tons of magical aspects. Anyone for a little Hocus Pocus? There is magic all around us if we pay attention to it. What is something that you thought was magical as a child? Take some time to do or experience that! We do not have to be so serious and focused all of the time. Believing in magic opens up our brain and being into a state of creation.

Embracing Creativity

We have the ability to create every day. We create our lives, our perceptions, our style, the way we are in this world. October and fall brings us back around to releasing the old and stepping into new creation. We get to embrace who we have become since last fall and explore this self through creativity. The Halloween season brings an extra opportunity for creativity. We get to become anyone or anything as we dress up in costume. We can create elaborate decorations and yard design. We create themed food and carve a variety of images into pumpkins. There is so much space to be creative and free! What will you create this fall?
I hope that the October newsletter brings you exploration of possibilities, an opening for creativity, and an awareness of the magic in life. Please pass this newsletter along to anyone you believe would benefit. I welcome you to visit the website for extra support and to schedule a session.
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