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Gratitude Amongst The Chaos

It is the season of gratitude, and there is so much that is going on in the world that it can be easy to slip into the despair spiral. So how do we stop the spiral and return to a gratitude mindset?
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Slow It Down

When the world feels chaotic, we can get zoned in on the chaotic energy. This can make us live more in our heads and be ungrounded. The first way to slow things down is to activate the breath. Taking a long, slow breath into the body, sending it down to the feet, and exhaling it out of the soles of the feet, signals to the body to start to slow down. The next thing that happens is we start to connect with the body. This practice of embodiment opens up space for gratitude, and it shifts our mindset into mindfulness. Different embodiment practices include walking meditation, dance, free-flow movement, yoga, and grounding. Shifting into the present moment assists you in focusing on the things that you have power of in your life. This shines the heart open with gratitude allowing you to release the rest.

Activate Gratitude

Activating gratitude is essential to shift away from getting swept into despair spiral. Some ways to activate gratitude include maintaining a daily gratitude practice such as listing things you are grateful for, telling loved ones the way they impact your life, appreciating the senses and body, honoring a sense of safety and security, or acknowledging the way that your gifts impact the world for the greater good.

Higher Vibrations

Speaking of impacting world and contributing to the greater good, let’s talk about higher vibrations. We know that different emotions resonate at different frequencies. Also, we know that whatever energetic frequency we are resonating at is going to attract experiences and opportunities that resonate at/around that same frequency. For example, the emotions that tend to be related to chaos are lower vibrating frequencies. So while buying into this resonance we are opting in for similar experiences. Whereas the emotions corresponding with gratitude vibrate much higher so we are calling in more joyful and happy experiences. Some ways to raise your vibrations when you feel down or surrounded by chaos include exploring gratitude practices, finding the beauty in the mundane, contributing to good society, doing something loving for yourself or someone else, and supporting causes you stand for instead of tearing down those you don’t.
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