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Deep Dive, Anyone?

The restoration of the summer days of June and July have taken place, and we are getting back into the flow of everyday life. That begs the question of what do we want our everyday lives to look like, feel like, and consist of? Instead of slipping back into the creature comforts of what life, meaning, and routine has looked like in the past, let’s be brave and spend August in a deep dive.

Are you ready for the deep dive?

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­­­Re-evaluating Your Priorities

It is time for a fresh look at your priorities. Maybe you have gotten pulled in one direction and realized that you are not putting as much time or investment into something that is actually a huge priority for yourself. Maybe you realize that what was once a priority doesn’t really matter that much to you anymore. It is possible that there is a new priority that has been waiting in the shadows for you to acknowledge it because it will bring meaning and purpose to your life. Take some time to write out your priorities. List them in order of importance: most important to least important. Now re-evaluate how much time and attention you are currently dedicating to each. How much time and attention would you like to dedicate to each? What new priorities come up for you? Be sure to add these to the list and remove anything that no longer serves you.

Get Out There

­Get out there and live life! We are in Leo season, and it is time for you to shine and step into the spotlight. Have you been afraid to “put yourself out there” in any aspect of life? Some different ways to put yourself out there may include actually stepping into the spotlight, going on new adventures, opening your heart, forgiving with no strings attached, expressing your authenticity, or trying something you have never tried before. When you are contemplating how to put yourself out there, you are going to want to gravitate toward the things that you are already good at and open to. While this is good as well, you will receive the most benefit out of pushing your boundaries and doing something that is difficult or foreign to you. Go ahead and make your list. 😍

Knocking Down Obstacles

We all have different obstacles that challenge us to step up and overcome in order to be our best/most authentic self. Some of these obstacles are things that we have no control over, some obstacles are learned, and some obstacles we have placed on ourselves. We have the capability to overcome all of these obstacles if we commit to being our best/authentic self through intention and action. We can overcome obstacles that we have no control over through mindset and the ability to adapt. We can break through obstacles that others have placed on us and we have placed on ourselves by refusing to be a victim and “breaking the mold.” Look at your life and identify the obstacles that are asking you to rise to the occasion. Name two ways that you could adapt or reframe in order to overcome these obstacles. Get creative!

Setting A New Routine

Some of us live by checklists, and others, not so much. Regardless of if you are a checklist person or not, it is important to have a routine that supports all aspects of your being, purpose, and life. Analyze your current routine. What are you doing to support your body, mind, spirit, soul, purpose, and community? What is working for you? What is no longer serving you? Are you “relaxing” watching 4 hours of television each night? This is probably not the best way to spend your time. What are some new ways to wind down or explore that feeds your mind, body, and soul? Refer to your get out there section. Be sure your routine includes all of the priorities that you listed above. Even if you start by adding two new things per week to your routine, that a great start!

What Brings You Joy?

Yes, JOY! What feeds your being? Joy goes hand in hand with vitality, life force energy. Is your life full of things that bring you joy or do you feel like you lack joy on most days? Is this because you need to re-evaluate your priorities or routines? Is it something deeper that needs healing and processing? August is the perfect time to check-in and see what brings you joy? We practice this with the art of mindfulness and awareness. Each time you are stepping into a new activity for the day, STOP, and ask yourself does this bring me joy? Every time you go to use a certain product, eat food, put a piece of clothing on, or make a new purchase, STOP, and ask yourself does this bring me joy? Anytime you notice patterns of behavior or recurring thoughts, STOP, and ask yourself does this bring me joy? If it does, great! If not, then it is time to pay attention to your values and make a different choice.

Embracing Life Changes

We are ALL going through life changes and transformation. Some of us are entering into a new stage of life. Some of us are noticing changes in our bodies. Others are noticing that they are not the same person as they used to be, and they need to make changes in their lives to step into who they truly are. While others, are diving deeper into who they are and exploring the new self with curiosity. No matter where you are, just know that you are not alone! There are other people experiencing similar transitions and life events. Find your community! Reach out for support! Always remember that there is no only ONE way to move through these shifts in life. You can create your path to look anyway that you want it to! So how do you want your life path to look?
As you take this deep dive you will begin to shift into a more authentic version of yourself, a happier, more alive version of yourself. Be brave, kind soul. You have got this! I welcome you to visit the website for extra support and to schedule a session. Please pass this newsletter along to anyone you believe would benefit. ­

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