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Affirmations for the Win!

Spring brings new life. New life is both exciting and sometimes hard to to step into fully. So what do we do?! Affirmations for the win! An affirmation is the act of asserting a truth. When we assert something to be true, it becomes real in both our minds and in reality.

Positive affirmations have been shown to improve positive patterns of behavior, decrease stress and anxiety, and change the neural pathways in your brain. Needless to say, this can have a HUGE impact on your life and the ability to fully step into the changes that new life brings.šŸ˜

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Here are a few positive affirmations to get you started:

Future Outlook

When you need a little dose of hope.


When you need an extra boost of motivation.

Body Positivity

When you want to remember how amazing your body truly is!

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Shamanic Healing and Journeying

Are you drawn to a more ancient, warm type of healing? Shamanism dates back tens of thousands of years. Anthropologists view Shamanic healing as humankind’s first spiritual practice. Journeying is used to cross into non-ordinary reality to gain wisdom, support, and healing for you. This could include answers to questions that you have, power animal retrieval, extraction of things that do not belong and are draining your energy field, soul retrieval, and more.